We had 2 simple questions!

Why is it so difficult to apply for a restaurant job? And why is it hard to get qualified employees?

KRUU aims to fill this need by developing a job app that is highly specialized and nimble, a digital service designed for an analog world. Developed by job seeking and service industry veterans KRUU removes the traditional barriers that have frustrated employers and employees for years creating more opportunities to find the right fit.

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There are two main roles that we can explore. One is for the job seeker and the other is for the manager or job poster.

KRUU’s one click philosophy will allow both parties see more qualified opportunities and seize them without jumping through the unnecessary hoops of sites like Indeed, Monster, Poached, etc. Job seekers fill out one resume and use it for every job. No more needless hours spent crafting a unique job description for every serving/bartending/hosting position that you’ve held. Simply put in your place of work and click the applicable descriptors and that’s it! Employers view applicants in a simple, sortable list based on the criteria that you feel best fits your needs. View profiles, resumes, and schedule interviews with a click from your phone. No more need to dive into a job site while you have to be on the floor. You can fill all of your hiring needs while standing at the host stand. What’s more, receive push notifications the moment a new job is posted or a new qualified applicant applies.

Hospitality work accounts for 20% of the labor market in the US. As the bars and restaurants further refine their concepts the labor required to execute their vision needs to be highly specialized. At the same time digital job seeking has yet to fully integrate itself into this sector as many quality jobs are spread via word of mouth. The entire employment process is outdated, inefficient, and ineffective.

Create your best KRUU!